i love mine. i had to slightly raise the action cause the low E was buzzing @ the 12th fret, but that was only a minor thing, and it's been good ever since.
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is that the only thing that was wrong with it? also what is the coil tapping option like? does it actually sound alot differently when it is set to single coils or is it just a very small change in sound?
It's a pretty decent guitar.

I actually like the coil tapping on my S-1 Blackjack, it doesn't really sound like a normal single-coil; it's warmer and less bitey (which I like).
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good all round really, the only thing I could see not the best about it is the duncan designed pickups.
But still a very good guitar.
sometimes a C1+ comes with duncan designed, sometimes for more money, it will come with real seymour duncans. depends on the year you get it.

either way it's fine. duncan designed are pretty good as stock pickups go.

and it's usually better when you can pick ur own pickups and add them later, anyway.

as far as the buzzing the first fella had. ^ well that's why you set up ur guitar when you get it. that's the same for any guitar bought thru the mail.
a guitar bought from a shop should be set up by the store before you walk out.

schecters are pretty good for the money.
some guys dont like the feel of the finished neck.

the neck is between a strats and an LPs size wise.

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