Hey guys, i need your help in deciding between these two guitars. I've heard of Jackson's excellent quality and that the RR3 is made in Japan while the Xiphos is made in Indonesia (****ty place). However the Xiphos is neck thru while the RR3 is bolt on. i don't really have any qualms about the pickups though , because i'm gonna switch to EMGs sooner or later . The only thing that matters to me is the build , sustain,and quality of the guitar . So which one would you recommend me to buy ? i'm also open to any suggestions around this rice range.
I'd go with the RR3

the only real quality issues would be the trems on both guitars. having said that i have the same trem as the RR3 and its been fine for 20 months or so and ive heard heaps of similar reports. i havent heard as many good reports on the edge III however but someone else may no more.
Jackson, I don't really like the looks of the Ibanez Xiphos XPT700 but play them first and see which one you like the feel of best.
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I've heard bad things about the Xiphos bridge but I don't really like Floyds anyway so take what you want from that.

Personally I'd go for the RR3.