i'm looking at getting a bass rig soon BUT i really have no idea whats better solid state or tube amps i dont know exactly what brand its gonna be cold be anything from hartke to carvin but the plan right now is to get the head and the 2 cabs in one go as a package (115 +410) so what would be the best for a bass guitarist that plays pretty much everything........... also my guitarist is looking at a double rectifier or triple with a 412 or 2 (which worries me) considering we have a PA

and can anybody point me in the right direction as far as ohms and cabs and heads

please help me out and sorry in advanced for annoying anybody with a what should i get thread
Well lets outline the differences in SS to Valve (or tube) amps.

Solid state have really good dependable reliability (apart from behringer) and you won't have to worry about "dying" or microphonic tubes. They provide a fast response time but quality of the tone varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. They're also rather cheaper. A problem with SS amps is that they clip at high volume levels so if you think you'll ever need to push you SS amp, get one with higher wattage.

Valve amps are less reliable in that in order to be in 100% working order they require regular maintanence (maybe every 2 years) by a qualified electrician who has experience in working with high and potentially lethal voltages. Their sound is rather softer and rouder but also fuller, the volume also appears to be louder due to the added harmonic overtones that the valves add. Upon being cranked the amp will break up into a nice distortion but an all valve bass amp will rarely need to be cranked in order to hear yourself (they're usually 300W+!). One problem is the slower response and attack time that they have and generally theyre more expensive.

Cab wise, 1x15 and 4x10 is good, also look at 8x10s and possibly an 1x18 instead of the 15. Against a Triple Rec I would look at at least 500W+ of SS and 300W Valve. I don't see the point in valve guitar amps that are so big, tell him to get a single rec! He will not need a Triple Rec and in the end all that gorgeous cranked tone will go to waste!

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i'd recommend getting a 1x18 cab if you play 5 stringers.... much better response....

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And jonno pretty much nailed it, I have a hybrid amp which basically has tubes in the preamp for a slightly more tube-esque tone but a solid state power amp so I have plnty of power.
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i'd recommend getting a 1x18 cab if you play 5 stringers.... much better response....

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Thanks to all im quite enlightened on the matter now looking at a carvin a hartke (eh) or a mark bass rig now.. and as for the guitarist hes a power freak ... which isnt good lol but ive got hime looking at a 50 watt valve head and the 118 is looking good instead of the 15 too as im reather fond of downtuning and 5 strings...
I'd suggest an Ampeg SV-4 Pro, an Ampeg 410HLF, and an Ampeg SVT18. That's a badass rig. Either that, or my personal preference, the Ampeg SVT-4 Pro and an Ampeg SVT810E. Can you tell I've been bitten by the Ampeg Monster?
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