It`s my first song, imagine a rythm little like Hendrix's "Wait Until Tomorrow", anyways here it is:

Watching the sky
Side by side
Talking ‘bout nothing
And all at the same time

There’s only me and you
And well there’s heaven too
Now I’m goin’ home
To decide what to do

I woke up next day
My mind was clear
Even if the sky was grey
I had to come clean

When it’s finally late night
I go out for a ride
And as I walk around
I’m suddenly at your house

A few minutes later
You’re finally down
I just can’t wait no more
I have to say it ,now!!!

And then I popped the question, haha
I popped the question
I popped the question
Yes I popped the question…

Thx for reading, crit for crit
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the only thing i didnt like was the "i popped the question" thing. everything was good and it just made it lame.
Green Day rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!