Ive bassicly only managed to get the hang of one chord intros but i want to go for some songs with a few chords changes just to get me used to chord changes etc

by the way i play acoustic
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OK first of all wont make a differene your left handed, second thats not very specific, youd like a song with chords in it?

Ok well a song right now with a few good chord changes is Muse unintended, another one with weird chords is soldiers poem, especially if you play it without a Capo.

I dont know what kind of music your into either, Jimi Hendrix songs will give you practice at Jazz Chords
" youd like a song with chords in it?"
I mean i need one with chord changes instead of staying on one
^well...take a look at that thing called music...usually lotsa chords there

check out...some creedence stuff...


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easy to change chords? yea, if you get a hang of it....just keep practising

do stuff like "bad moon rising" with simple chords (D, A, and G here) to change
or just make up your own melodies, going from major to minor chords and all that


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france is laaaaame

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To get the hang of changing chords, my uncles first taught me the basic ones, A through G, then had me change through them in sequence, A-B-C-D-E-F-G and again and again...gradually picking up speed until I could go through them as fast as possible, and without looking. It starts out slow, of course, because you have to look at where your fingers are and remember where each goes for each chord. Gradually you should be able to change faster. Similar to practicing scales for lead. Start slow and gradually speed up. They also came up with a couple of simple tunes, so it wasn't all just practicing the chords, and later I started to pick up songs on my own.

For easy songs, what to play depends on what you like, but there are lots of fairly easy songs to pick from. A lot of the CCR stuff, as mentioned, some early Beatles, they got more intricate later on but even on the white album and Abbey Road they still did some fairly easy songs like Lady Madonna or Rocky Raccoon, Get Back, Let it Be...some early Rolling Stones was dead simple, Bob Dylan went wacko with lyrics, but the guitar playing often wasn't difficult at all.

Some of Bob Seger's songs aren't hard at all, and if you check around almost any band will do something you like now and then that's not too hard to play. Bryan Adams should have some possibilities, Tom Petty, the list goes on. Of course I'm not into a lot of the newer stuff, so I don't know what to suggest along those lines, but whatever you listen to and like to play should offer some fairly easy choices. Don't worry about whether it's an electric song, try it anyway. Some electric songs sound great on acoustic, others don't work well at all, just try it and see.

Listen to the radio and try to play along with anything they throw at you.
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Animals - House of the rising sun
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You could also try Beatles - Yellow Submarine, start out slow and gradually pick up the pace. That was the 1st song I learned to play, and a good way to learn some very basic chords.
Does it really matter if the intro is only one chord - you're still going to have to change chords at some point during the song.
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