Hey, this is my first real thread in GB&C, so be nice.

I was on my 5th coat of white and when I came out to the garage to finish it this morning, I found out I had apparently spilled red paint all over it. While the white was still wet. This pretty much resulted is patches of ugly pink, red & white. Halfway through sanding it back, I figure why not make a thread out of it.

Here was what I originally started with:

It's pretty ugly, finish was heaps of scratches. Can't remember what kind of wood it was. Anyway, filled the pickup cavity in the middle (yes, i know it's black), filled in all the little dents, sanded it down it steps to a 280 grit. This is just after the 80 grit on the top.

Then I got caught up in the sanding, and forgot to take anymore pictures for awhile.

Ive just finished sanding it all over with 280 again, and I'm about to clean the wood then prime again. Here is the body before fine sanding & cleaning

Yeah it's pretty bad, I know. More pictures to follow once I get the primer on.

The guitar was originally for a friend, a was going to be matte black with chrome hardware. He decided he didn't want it anymore, so I started painting it white. Then I had my little "mistake", so I'm going to go with matte black again.

It's going to be for hard rock/metal, and now I can't decide on pickups. I'm a little short on cash at the moment, so I'm thinking some guitar fetish pickups, either Power rails or Crunchy rails. I really can't afford to keep it, so I'm asking around to see if anyone around my area wants to buy it, so if I'm selling it I have a lot more pickup options.

Pretty long, boring post, but I tried.
woah.. nice work... #1st ;P
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lol thanks, I only had an hour and a half to sand today because of job interviews, but it came out okay so far.

I'm using CTS pots, and a SwitchCraft jack & toggle, and I'm thinking of changing the bridge while I'm at it. Probably some better shielding in the pickup & control cavities. Any suggestions?
That looks pretty good. damn much better job than i could have done.

However... that accidental paintjob looked pretty damn sick. What i want to know is, was it flaking off, or...?
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no, I forgot to take anything of it

It was all over the top, with a bit down the sides, and the neck pocket and part of the bridge had heaps of paint in them