Is it possible to put Telecaster pickups into a Strat? Furthermore, will it make the strat sound close to a Telecaster?

I have a Fender AeroDyne Strat and I'm looking to replace the pickups.
1: depends on what pickups these are, but mostly: yes. 2: no way

EDIT: i didnt read the "close" well, yeah try it with the link of the other guy down there
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i haven't heard of ppl doing this.

massive chance of p/ups not actually fitting into your enclosure properly but i spose you could just make some modifications if your adventurous.

so thats what a bridge plates does! - Callaham make a bridge plate for 10bucks as well i noticed)
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so do you think you could do that thing with the metal plate with pretty much any simmilar pickup in any guitar?
the pic theif strikes again

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^Yup. It'll work on all your strat style single coil pickups that use Alnico magnets. Don't know how it'll work on ceramic magnets because ceramic magnets are not conductive.
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Nope, the tele bridge pickup is longer than a strat bridge pickup and is also angled a further 15 degrees so even if it did fit chances are the polepieces would be out of alignment. Also part of the tele sound is due to the metal bridge plate - without that the pickup won't sound the same.
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