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Navy (You are Dain Waine and We are the Idiot Choir)
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Open Letter

This is like 3 card solitaire and TVs over a fireplace.
It's a "buy one, free one" promotion.
It is a double edged sentence,
A complicated experiment
Leaving, new uncharted lips.

This is me saying the magic three words
To the mirror, like I used to
Pretending to see your lips move
And form the charismatic smile
That still has me glued to it's corners.

This is me telling myself it was for your own good.
Whispering to my pillow that it's going to be okay.
Playing with it's drawstrings like I'd play with your hair.
Holding it close, cause I can't stop
The trickle of sweat going down my back.

You are Dan Waine and we are the Idiot Choir.

Stock up on the psychobabble, y'know?
listen, and keep it all in a coil,
sprung between your hands.
And every time you clap
we can play slinky with that ****in awful advice,
every time you spank me we'll see castles in the sky.
I'd be glad I'm just a charicature but
some ****er sits painting my face all day,
line after line after line.
It ain't inter-gallactic,
it's freefall,
and we're in it together,
spank and clap and happy slap - digging it all with no
And if god was Dan Waine then He'd
float down from heaven with a little red balloon,
give some good advice for once,
and cut me a bit of slack.
He'd rip us apart like the lamb in Jurassic Park,
change out blood to water...
to wine -
and put us back. Together.
Then He'd float off back to his Angels,
humming the tune to "blackbird" under his breath.
Can't say I was never wrong
But some blame rests on you

Work and play they're never okay
To mix the way we do