I applied for a work-from-home (read: college) sales job and this company is offering me something that seems too good to be true. Of course, they're based in Russia and want me to accept money for them and send it by bank wire transfer. How do I know their company is legit and it's not a scam to get my bank info? What could they do if I accept money from a wire transfer from somebody else and then pass it from me to them? They say that once I have the money from the buyer, the car will be delivered to me to give to the buyer.

I think the possible scam is that by using me as a middle man, they get the money from the scamee through me, then leave me to blame when I can't provide the car. And they're from Russia, so it has to be a scam.
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dont do it man. just get a real job. this reeks of scam.
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Scam. They'll put stolen money from another account into your account then bounce the check.. so if you try to access it, you'd going to have a lot of explaining to do from the bank.

It's like those e-mails going around saying that some Algerian millionaire died and they need you to hold on the money.. and in return they'll give you 12.2 million dollars...

Just don't do it