OKey doke, bascially I'm torn between these 2 for my next guitar. I've tried them both and liked both of them equally in terms of feel. I'm going for something that'll handle distortion well but can do cleans well too (think Bloc Party meets Smashing Pumpkins meets Pearl Jam). I'm looking at Epi Les Paul Customs and '72 Fender Telecaster. IMO the Les Paul shades it looks wise but Tele does it for versatility...

Telecaster, even a standard telecaster, would do Pearl Jam and Bloc Party far better than an Epi Les Paul... Smashing Pumpkins takes a little more distortion capacity but a 72' would meet those needs with ease. I'd go with the Telecaster if for no other reason than that basically all Epiphones need new pickups; a 72' does not.
i have an epi black beauty and a telecaster of somek kind.... i prefer the epiphone hands down, but thats likely because the tele's still got stock fender pickups, and i HATE non-humbuckers with a burning passion lol....

if its a top of the line epi, as mine is, and a cheaper tele, which mine isnt, go with the epiphone. i think if youre looking for a wide range of styles, which is what you seemed to have said, then epiphone.... but i would try both A LOT, weigh up pros and cons of each, etc etc... hope i helped

(and yes, my epi has all new pickups and hardware... which is soon to happen to my tele, theyre in the post)
He didn't say heavy distortion. I personally find Tele's digsuting!

Thought of a Strat?

But RadioMuse said, the Tele probably suits you more.
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Teles can play most antyhing (short of death metal) if you just fiddle around with the knobs a bit.. And the highway 1´s are pretty good with distortion.
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Definitely the Telecaster my friend. That's what I'm looking to get (Highway 1 '06 upgrade or some MIJ), and believe it or not, I also love Bloc Party . Both guitarists frequently use the Tele for a start, and for the other two it can definitely be adapted to play them too.
I think RadioMuse is probably right about going for the '72, it can handle distortion better.
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The 72' tele has humbuckers, not single coil, though the design of them are suppose to be brighter and cleaner like a single coil. You looking at the deluxe or the thinline? Both guitars have 250k pots, while the originals had 1meg pots. The result is a darker / muddier sound.....kind of like if you rolled the volume and tone back quite a bit.

500k pots are usually the norm on humbucker equipped guitars. My 72' Thinline Tele is in the shop right now getting 500k pots wired up, to "open" her up a little. Also the Fenders are not normal sized humbuckers ( a little bigger), they do make some replacements....but you would have to get a custom pickguard to mount normal sized pickups.

I have an epi les paul standard too. It plays great and sounds good for stock. I think your amp will be a big factor in your sound. You probably going to have to change pickups in the paul though.
^I thought it was smaller than regular humbuckers on a 72?
Maybe i'm wrong, but either way, go for the tele.
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