I'm looking for one of those really small amps that pretty much fit in your pockets, and run on batteries. I play pretty much all types of music, and I would also like it to have some sort of overdrive or distortion. My budget is anywhere from $40-$100.
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smokey amp, had one hooked to a 4/12 cab and rocked it. no knobs, but the volume on your guitar drives it - turn it down for clean tones, turn it up for overdrive.

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I have one of those little amps built out of a cigarette pack. Don't get one of those, lol, they're novelty only in my opinion.
Orange amps generally rock.
Haven't played a smokey.
I wonder if there's some kind of small tube amp?
Call me Wes.
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your better of just getting a nice set of headphones, and a head phone jack for you amp,
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3 words.
Zvex Nano Amp.

worlds smallest tube amp

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your better of just getting a nice set of headphones, and a head phone jack for you amp,

I fail to see how that is anything to do with what the threadstarter wanted. Get the Zvex nano thing, or a smokey amp.
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