Do to lack of reasonable tools (I know I shouldn't blame them ) I was only able to route a binding channel half as deep as I need it. So I have 2 options.

1.) use hand tools to dig it deeper
2.)put the binding in as is and cut off alot of the thickness to make it flush.

Any ideas on which I should do, and how are much appreciated.

In the nicest way possible, (honestly dont mean this to sound mean =p)
Dont half ass the job, the guitar can wait, rather than have it screw up cause your in a hurry,
is their any way you can route it again to double up the hole?
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So how do you recommend I cut the groove deeper? What I did the first time was jerry rig a template follower bit with a smaller bearing than it should've had, and the surface of my guitar was still flat (it's now carved). I mostly only have hand tools, and there are some odd contours I'll need to get into. What do you recommend?

And about the time thing, I agree fully, it's just that I have an unchangeable deadline.
There's not much more frustrating than trying to do a job with the wrong tools, is there?

Good luck to you man. I hope you can get the right tools for the job before you get too much further into it.
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