can any of you pitguyz help me out here?
me and my friends were racking our brains trying to remember a show that was on in the 90's, but we just cannot remember what it was called, and can only remember vague aspects of it. im pretty sure it was on nickelodeon (in the UK) in the days of analogue sky, before the channel switched to paramount comedy at 7 o clock (goin back aaaages)

in a nutshell, a kid goes into a coma and half the show is him, in the coma, his parents all scared and whatnot, and the other half is inside his fantasy coma dreamworld. it ran for ages, and im not even sure what happened at the end, but if anyone knows what im on about and can tell me the name of the show, then big up yourselves forever.

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Google says it's called 'The Odyssey.'
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