For some reason, when recording with AUdacity and using the Toneport UX2, I cannot record both vocals and guitar together. It only picks up the guitar. Any help?
Is it garbage Audacity? I tried to install the Ableton Live that the Toneport came with but I could never get it to recognize Toneport as the input. Help would be appreciated.

When you want to get that live recording feeling sometime its nice to do. I suppose that it may work if I plug it into an amp? I'm not asking if it will work for recording but I should be able to hear both through the amp? Haven't done it yet, my amp is broke and am getting a new one. Just wondering.
makse sure the driver is on asio, it might be set to waveout or soemthing like that

if u play back what you record on your computers speakers than ur not using asio

then u need to set the inputs to the higher ranges for mic i think, 3 and 4.