Check out and rate (PLEASE) my new song, The Coming of the Imperium, in my PROFILE.

Okay so this is the intro to a new project of mine: Warhammer metal!
I think i may go back and re-record the guitars with a better distortion, but i don't know when i'll get the time.

Please tell me what you think. C4C.

PS if any of you have played Dawn of War, you may know that one of the Space Marine Generals has the line: "Tread softly...and carry a big gun."
If someone has a good mp3 of this, could you send it me....i want to put it at the end of this song...thanks it would be much help.
First off, your riffery is brilliant. If you could think of more similar kind of riffs and add them to the song, it would definitely improve, and I agree that you could have a better distortion tone. The effects you use in the song fit nicely as well.

Overall, a very good song and very good recording.

EDIT: I just realized you said intro to a song. Keep going with it mate, you're doing well. Make sure you let me know when the whole song is finished, then I'll give it another listen.
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Well, the intro was a bit long in my opinion (the part before the guitar came in) and the riffs get a bit monotone, a bit more variety would help.

And as always I'm not a big fan of the keyboards, but that's just me being an asshole.
The intro was quite cool! Put a bit more life into the guitars.. and you got a good track happening.. keep it up.

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Cool Intro (is it made with Acid 6?) Nice riffage and harmonics!!!

Very cool overall, can't wait for more!!!!

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