From tabs? I look at the screen. If I were to print out the tabs, my room would be filled from floor to ceiling with papers.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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I don't see how it matters. You could've at least made a poll or something.
Off the screen when it's quite here, but I usually print it out to learn it properly in my bedroom.
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You just single-handedly caused an entire future generation of people to be flushed down the toilet.

Good job, TS.
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i dont havea printer, so i write them out. it sucks.

Play from the screen?
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^And known for that bloody awesome croissant with a crown.
Man that's badass.

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i dont havea printer, so i write them out. it sucks.

What was your first song? Stairway?

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I remember my first erection. I went to my dad and was like "Do I have Aids???". I seriously thought there was something wrong with me.

I don't have a printer in my bedroom, so usually I just read em off the screen. I could go into the study and print them off in there, but that means leaving the safety of my room and daring the dangers of the landing...or it may just be laziness, I don't know
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i usally print them out at school and take them home or stick them in my acoustic case and play them when ever i get the chance during the day.
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Maybe you should just eliminate the idea of being a LEAD guitarist or a RHYTHM guitarist and just come to terms with being a guitarist.

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I used to steal legos from my friend. He always had the coolest pieces.
I have a laptop, so i read it of the screen.
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Looking for a bj from an unsuspecting animal eh?
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I came, I saw, I cleaned it up.