Yes you can, we do it at my school.And guitar's bass sounds better on a bass amp than on normal guit amp.
Yeah thats the point, it will have a good clean sound but I think you can **** something up if you plug in a distortion pedal
i have a kustom 10 or 15 watt wired upto an 80 watt bass amp, so i used the cutom as a head n the bass amp as a cab n it sounds a lot nicer than both do on their own, but bass amp on guitar sounds bassier
a guitar on a bass amp is fine, but never play a bass guitar on a treble guitar amp you will blow the speakers
I didn't think about effects, can I use effect pedals with the guitar on my bass amp?
just put the distortion pedal between the head and the cabinet on the amp. it will sound awesome...
i wouldn't use effects. it might crack the speaker or ever blow it. the speaker cone will move too fast, testing it's structural limits and like i said, probably crack or blow it.
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if you go too loud you'll blow the cone. otherwise, it wont sound great.

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Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
the funnyiest thing ive done is plug my guitar thru a whammy pedal set on 1 octave down into my bassists rig... it was funny