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My first guitar was a Squier Strat and I got it a few years ago. Just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill black strat, so naturally I'm bored of it. I'm gonna repaint it and hopefully post pictures of my progress on here. I've always wanted to have a thread like this in here lol.

EDIT: After I've taken all the hardware etc out, but stickers are still on
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ive never done it... but i think the main thing to remember is when you paint anything you should prime it first... and i think in the case of a guitar you gotta strip all the paint off then prime it then paint it. I have some q's on this too... im about to buy a Les Paul knock off that i get to build myself so i'll be painting it myself too... i think its easier when u start from scratch like that though
stain and tung oil
thats what i did on my homemade tele and it looks AMAZING!!! (i got the body from ikea)
Like any paint job (walls, cars, guitars), the secret to a great job is in the sanding. Make sure you have a great surface before you put the first coat of anything on it.

Looking forward to seeing the results
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stain and tung oil
thats what i did on my homemade tele and it looks AMAZING!!! (i got the body from ikea)

I assume you mean you cut up some furniture? dont have to strip down to wood, just the sealant. Then primer, let dry, and do your color. Theres tutorials all over the place.
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(i got the body from ikea)

wait wait wait, they sell guitar bodys in ikea ?
the body i got from ikea was a cuttingboard ($20ish). it was the perfect size for a guitar body and it looks and sounds amazing
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Dude, sanding past the sealer would take weeks even with an orbital sander.

nah, I did it with a palm sander once. You've just got to do a bit each day...and dont make the mistake I did. I got a multi pack of sandpaper thinking it was all a really course grit....came to realize halfway through that I was getting progressively finer sandpaper and I wasnt even through all the paint yet....took forever. It was like trying to chop down a tree with a baseball bat....
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Dude, sanding past the sealer would take weeks even with an orbital sander.

I'm using an orbital sander, I did some last night and some a few minutes ago i've almost finished the top. It's a bit rough but I'm removing all the current paint before I smooth it out
looks pretty good, what colour are you painting it ?
Im stuck between ideas atm lol. But I want something funky, I think I'm just gonna get a selection of red blue green pink yellow purple white etc and throw em all at my guitar lol (not literally, hopefully with taste)
Oh by the way I was thinking about, instead of buying a new scratchplate, making one myself using the current one as a template, but making the new one out of wood. What do people think?
No, I think you REALLY should throw them at your guitar. You said you wanted red, blue,
green, pink, yellow, purple, and white. I say after you've done all the body prepping, paint it solid white, then go wanted red, blue, green, pink, yellow, purple, and white spatter on it. Like a Jackson Pollock painting. My buddy Brendan did the same **** with his basment wall.
Lol hmmm maybe... I just want something bright and funky. So does anyone have any opinions on my scratchplate idea?
Bright and funky is good. I had a forum member paint a bunch of Strats Crash-style. Google Crash Strat. He painted a bunch of Fender Custom Shop Strats and a couple for Eric Clapton and John Mayer.
Ah that's cool :-) I was thinking something even brighter, louder, and generally crazy lol
I've taken off the back now. The sides are gonna be tricky I think lol. As for colour I was thinking maybe red back and sides, white top and then funky colours all over the top.

EDIT: I was thinking something like this. Any opinions?
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dude i was just thinking of that as a paintjob, its rad lol
maybe make the pink more red and add another stripe above the yellow one and below the red one.
Yeah maybe, that sounds good. I was also thinking of painting the neck and headstock red. Would I have to remove the varnish etc? Or could I just prime and paint it straight on?
New idea:

I know the red line around the edge on the view of the top is wonky but I was rushing lol
Final design

And on the headstock it says infinity, thats the name of my "film company". As in a group containing me and a few of me mates making little films. And its not an 8 its an infinity logo
That design is pretty hott. I'd like to get a cheap squier or something and do that myself! Maybe I could actually try and give my acoustic guitar a cool paintjob. But I'm too scared too, even though I've been painting canvasses for years. A canvas is cheaper than a guitar :<
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i dont mean to cause offence but is that not the official gay pride guitar?

hahahahahaha you cheered my dismal emedia lesson up and for that i thank you lol
ive thought of an even gayer one haha,
one with a rainbow and a unicorn, man that'd be so funny

people will think that...but its only colors its not like it makes u gay.if u like it do it. its not the symbol its what the means to certain people

edit* i love how that picture has the two man stick figures holding hands...its the guy from the crosswalk thing
Lol meh I dont care if it looks gay I just want something thats as far from black and white as possible. Oh and Ive decided Im putting red LEDs under the pickups too. Its gonna be so funky lol
So far: (I haven't sanded off the scratches on the sides yet and its a bit dusty. And the paints still in the cutaways cos i have to do that by hand and it'll take ages)

Ahh cool, you should take the paint off inside of the guitar as well (where the scratch plate and back plate goes) so the guitar can "breathe" without paint over the wood.
Dude. Go to they have a guitar art gallery with some really cool stuff in there.After that check out their hot guitar girl gallery.
Someothers beat me to the gay pride thing lol.But if it doesn't bother you then F*** it do what you want man.Maybe keep all those colors and do overlapping blotches with them. Either way it looks like your gonna have something cool and original when you are done.
As previously stated make sure you sand it smooth as a baby's bum.I just did one a little while ago and had to stop painting and resand twice because of little cracks and sand lines in the finnish.Fortunatley you will see any of those after the first coat of primer(Adding another coat on them will not erase them).
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How many coats of primer would you guys recommend? Then how many coats of actual paint? I'm using spray by the way
I would put 2-3 thin coats of primer let it dry overnight then lightly sand down with 600 grit.The last one I painted I used the entire can of color, just kept putting thin coats about 3 a day until the can was empty then I put a can and a half of clear coat using the same method.
I should have pictures of it and my other projects in my profile soon just have to get a new camera
There is a handle you can get that is a pistol grip for spray cans with a trigeer that depresses the tip. It makes your side to side motion with the can alot smoother just by the way you hold it. The trick to a good coat is not pressing the tip continuously let go of it each time you make a pass and shake the can after each side of the body is done.make sure you carry past the edge before releasing the tip so you get a nice even distribution.
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By the way, Goldie said to sand it down in the morning with a 600 grit, I don't have any of that in the house but I have a 500 on the orbital sander that feels like rubber would that do?
Thats probably the gayest paint scheme I've ever seen.. but whatever floats your boat. It's looking good so far.

Should be okay but just use the pad and a block of wood you just want to smooth out the primer when it is fully dry you will see almst like little tiny fuzzies in the primer thats what you want to get rid of. if that is only one coat of primer ,I think you put it on a little thick but it doesn't matter too much with primer when you put your color on you only want nice light coats once an hour. when you are done painting for the day do nto touch it til the following day even though it may seem dry in an hour you will leave finger print marks in the finnish.
looks pretty good man keep it up.
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