I understand this is the pit, but I figured that most everyone here would be nearly constant MP3 player listeners (being musicians and largely a teen population), and would understand my problem better.

Do you all know what brand of headphones will last the longest? Preferably earbuds and under $30. Literally every brand I've tried ends up wearing out in a matter of months.

Help me?
thats why i dont use the ear buds. i got a real good pair of headphones at radioshack for $22
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is ure using earphones then i use JVC Gummys

theyre really good quality, and theyr £8 over here, so maybe $15?
I always get these Sony earbuds at Walmart and they're like 11 bucks, they last me for about a year each pair. I guess the life of them depends on how you treat them, too.
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Yeah well, 30$ bucks isn't really a synonym of quality.
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i always use in ear phones, never apples brand though. think seinheizer or something. look it up on amazon. amazing sound and about 20 quid i think
i like the wrap arounds better.. they seem to last longer.

Plus ive got a cauliflower ear and cant wear ear buds comfortably

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my iPod original ones have lasted like 3 years. i dont see what all the fuss is about w/ earbuds. just unplug them if you wrap them around your device
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^ i tried them, i didnt like them, i dont tihnk they sound great.

Yeah, I also have a pair... Let's say I obtained them for no cost And that's what they're worth, they're crap.

I use the ones that come with Sony Ericsson phones. I got those free too.
I have a Bose Triport for home-listening and I use cheap Sony clip-on earphones for running, cycling, and skateboarding.
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just dont roll them up in your pocket, thats what kills mine

Oh, that must be what it is. The wires inside must have been disconnected, since I always roll mine up. Thank you!