i really want the song "you want" or "coin operated boy"
the later is played on piano but i think it would sound okay on acoustic...

any song by the band would be appracied but those two songs are top of the wish list....

thanks in advance

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It's not a parody. Claypool took a huge shit full of awesomeness all over the album, hence the name.

Speaking of "The Brown Album" by Primus

ok this is really old but i could EASILY tab Im your favorite drug, and maybe ****s Like a star..... dude if u get some distortion on there it sounds ****ING AWSUMMMM, im workin on tha tab right now
I know this is a really OLD post, but I would LOVE if someone had the tabs to You Want! I can't find them anywhere.

There is one cover on Youtube, but Im a novice, so I need to read the tabs and learn as I go.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!