Well hello,
iv bein looking at a new amp for rock and metal, at the moment iv bein using a line 6 spider 2..yeh it sucks.
my friend wants to buy my amp (his first amp) off me for £110 ($220) with footswitch, pretty good deal.
and when i get the money from that i was looking at getting an orange micro crush to keep me going until i get the new amp, and i was wondering one thing -
-Can the micro crush be powered by a 9 volt adaptor or mains? or only battery (and if so how long does a standard 9 volt battery last?).

this leads me onto my next question..
which amp would suit me for rock/metal?
My budget is roughly £400 preferably less (~$800)
It is for home use, possibly gigging soon.
i mainly play metallica and trivium, guns n roses and led zepelin, the occasional blues improv, and rarely into heavy pantera kind of stuff.
These are the amps iv found...

Marshall Dsl401 - ~£400
I was thinking this paired with a distortion pedal or tubescreamer to push it into metal territory, or possibly the amp on its own with full gain.

Peavey Valveking - £279
This is supposedly good for metal but alot of people dont like it
Supposedly really bad cleans.

Laney Vc15 paired with metal muff - £280
supposedly not good idea..

Orange tiny terror - £298
seems good but not sure how much a good cab will cost..

Randall rg50tc - £369
not to sure..

at the moment im veering towards the marshall but any guidance would be helpful
i'd go Marshall with the tube screamer. since you like metallica it might give you a kirk hamett like tone.
Marshall Dsl401 - ~£400
This one's great. With a pedal in front it will do metal really well.

Peavey Valveking - £279
This one has buckets of gain, and it's very versatile. The clean channel isn't that bad, but it's nothing special. On overdrive, it gets a very crunchy, Van Halenous sound

Laney Vc15 paired with metal muff - £280

Orange tiny terror - £298
I don't think it has that much gain. It's only 15 watts, so it breaks up easily, but it won't go into metal territory.

Randall rg50tc - £369
This one has a rather fuzzy metal sound. The cleans are AWFUL, really quiet, tinny and anorexic. It has an ok lead tone, no good for rhythm. Plenty of gain, though.

I would also recommend the Randall MTS series. They're more expensive, but they sound ****ing incredible.

EDIT: holy ****! The MTS series cost a LOT more than I thought. Forget what I said.

Try a Laney LC50 instead. I'm not sure how much that one costs, but I think it's the same as the randall RG50. It's got a great clean sound, awesome classic rock tone, and can do metal with a push.
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you fail life, but even so, in this case i suspect the dsl401 may be the better option. a peavey windsor or laney gh50l (if you can find a cheap enough cab) may be worth considering too, though.
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An LC 30 or LC 15 will do you well. Probably the new Windsor combo will too. Probably won't have the best cleans though.
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Out of all those I ended up buy an Ashdown FA. If you can find one used I'd say you should definitely try it out (not sure if they actually make them anymore).

I'm really not a fan of the Valveking, poor cleans and the voicing isn't to my taste at all, but each to their own.