MG100DFX + £125 for a JCM900 50w combo?

or just £265?

Also, im having difficulty finding high quality recordings featuring a JCM900, can anyone assist?

wow, you only have to pay £125 to get rid of an mg? thats pretty sweet
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
well if you decide not to get it pm me the guy who's selling its details, if your in the UK that is.
Dude, get it! Thats a sweet deal you have in your hands.
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No!! Stop Now, Plugging More Than One Pedal In At A Time Could Be A Disaster.... Your Guitar Will Explode And Kill Your Band.

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thanks man

^To me

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oh and make sure you try it out before you buy it, at that price their might be something wrong with it
I would do it even if theres something wrong with the Jcm 900!

Thats the price they would go for normally!

So get it!!