I like the guitar, but you gotta sound crazier when you sing the vocals.
Hail Zappa
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I like the guitar, but you gotta sound crazier when you sing the vocals.

Aye, I agree, was first song recorded and first song with vocals...But yeh I agree, gotta work on the Zappa voice...least I wasn't out of key

Anyways thanks for all the comments so far
oh man that was great! how do you get such a good tone both guitar and vocal wise when recording? mine always sounds like crap. You should put up more songs (maybe one with more vocals because they were really good) id be interested in hearing them.
Great cover! No complaints about the vocals either, its not the Zappa sound but works great on its own

Hey awesome dude .
I have never heard the original but i realy like it.
Have you heard pink floyds Vegetable man ?
Well this track reminds me of it .

Rock on.
To VagrantHero - I am working on a Neil Young song (DBTR)

To EvilMagician - Nice observation man...Forgot about that song...It has its similarities
hey thanks for listening to my cover of Bark At The Moon man...
Ok first, i havent heard the original so i cant compare it to anything, thats good and bad at the same time, but ill do it:
Great riff! Funny vocals!
The tone is really good, and your chops are pretty good man, tasty, i am not familiar with Zappa's work so if thats his style of playing its great, and if you were improvising, its even better!
Too bad its a short song (right??) your playing here was awesome
nice chops man. thanks for critting mine. the tone on yours was beastly, and the licks were sweet, but a little over the top in some spots in my opinion. but overall very well played. I havent heard the original, so I dont know what to compare it to, but it was good. Also, I'd love to collaborate on something, if you have any ideas just let me know.

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First, thanks for critting my classical work

now over to your cover, great tone! havent heard the original song so i can´t say anything about interpretation but it seems you got it down almost perfectly !
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Excellent tone, as everyone else has said. My only criticism is that the vocals are a little on the quiet side. Other than that, it's freaking awesome.
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Man..you should'a had the intro part, thats the best damn part of the song.
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Wow, very very nice. Where'd you get the backing track?

I made it
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Wow, I'm impressed. How'd you do that?

I figured out the tempo of the song, ran a basic drum track, recording the bass line, then the guitar, then the vocals...and finally the lead guitar...