Whenever I play R:TW on my computer it usually crashes or restarts the computer within an hour of playing. Most of the time, it takes less than that. Every once in awhile It'll will go for a long time. So its a random error. What happens is it just crashes to desktop and gives that stupid send/don't send error report. Sometimes, but less frequently it just restarts the computer.

Usually I'm really good at troubleshooting. Infact I did a buttload already to get this game to work (I jacked it off isohunt). But this problem is beyond my expertise. Anybody know of anything I can do? I already AVG scanned (came up clean) and defragged.
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un install then re install the game see if that helps.
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un install then re install the game see if that helps.

Well that reminds me of something I forgot to mention, which is that the same exact error occurred on another game I had installed recently, which I reinstalled to try and fix the problem. It didn't work.

And about reinstalling my drivers, how would that help?
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Do you meet the minimum spec requirements for the game?
cause thats what my computer does when i can't run programs.
heat prob maybe?

vacuumed your comp lately? or is the gfx/cpu oc'd?
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Yuh I was just thinking that it could be a heat problem, although I wouldn't think that it would give me that error report if that was the case, I think it'd just be a straight up CTD. I think I might be overclocked, I'm not sure. If I did that it woulda been awhile ago. I'll check that. I'm also gonna run the game on minimal graphics quality and see if the problem occurs less frequently.

Oh and I think if I didn't meet the requirements I wouldn't be able to play at all. Remember like I said its random and sometimes I've gone hours without a problem.
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oh yea, and I think you can make it not restart, I just don't remember how.. Somewhere in the control panel I think. You'll get an error message instead.


Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.


Click the Advanced tab.


Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings to open the Startup and Recovery dialog box.


Clear the Automatically restart check box, and click OK the necessary number of times.


Restart your computer for the settings to take effect.
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Sounds like heatrelated problem.
You can turn off CPUshutdown. But Id recomend to have it shut down, tohugh, maybeyou could make the cpushutdown at some higher temperatures. configure that in BIOS.

Have you checked inside the computer and made sure that fans on the CPU r graphics card isnt jammed by dust or such?
No, I haven't seen inside my tower in awhile. I'm going to really look into the possible heat issue, it seems thats the most popular theory amongst you dudes as well as myself.

*crosses fingers*
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