I know the pentatonics like a religious book..and i can play them perfectly....same with the natural minor and the major scales

but i want to be able to make solos like mettalica and stuff like that but all the solos I make either sound WAY to bluesy,or way to sad or way to happy

how to go about being a bit more creative?
Hit 1-3-5 of the scale more often.
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Solo over the chord changes rather than playing in one key. Learning your modes will also help.
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Well, If you are looking for Metallica solo's, you have to put in alot of licks.

Now, Kirk Hammett uses the Minor Penetonic in some of his solos, where it is a triplet pattern. Listen to the end of the first Sad But True solo, and the end of Seek and Destroy solo and you'll know what I mean.

Also, for a really dirty sound that really makes the solo interesting, do some bended double stops. I usually do them around the 12th fret on G and B strings, it sounds killer.
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Yep, learn the modes and apply them to correct chords.
Yep, and muck around untill you find some licks you like. Use them licks and build up your phrasing technique.
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