im thinkin of buying a Behringer V-TONE GMX212 amp i heard its got 99 pre set effect and 2 inputs a stuff. I just some feedback off someone who's used or has that amp.
Wouldn't recommend. But first of all, what setup do you have now and what kind of music do you play?
dont know about that amp, but from my experiences, behringer is pretty bad
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What kind of budget do you have? Behringer can have some decent products, but I wouldn't want my main amp being them.
No.. not behringer... aaagh... i work with them on a daily basis at college, and they aren't that bad (i didn't say they were any good mind), but they have some very annoying problems. Firstly, any behringer product seems to be a noise box. it will bring up the noise floor A LOT, so most of what you'll hear is a hissing noise... those things have screwed up many a recording. Because i've tried to sort it out with a behringer noise gate (its the only gate they had...), and rather ironically it cut the excessive hissing i got from the behringer FX and DI, but it made its own noise that it wasn't reducing. The V-amps are okay but really honestly it'd be better off to stretch to the extra £30 for a modelling box and get a POD...

I don't even know what the V-tone is, which means its probably really bad.
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Behringer is S.HIT.... I had a Wah Wah pedal and it was a piece of crap...I will never ever buy Behringer thing.... so I don't recommend
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I got the Behringer FX100 and that ain't nothing special at all, what other 'compact' multi effect pedals are that anyone would recommend.
Behrigners VAMP stuff is very good, and can run with any POD, though it tends to sound more processed with lower quality effects. Everything else made by them pretty much sucks. Its all cheaply made too.
B-52 AT 112 or 212, this is pretty much the cheapest tube option for metal.
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no i mean for playin live

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B-52 AT 112 or 212, this is pretty much the cheapest tube option for metal.

What's stopping you from playing that amp live?
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the behringer v-amp pedals are actually pretty decent, but the amps are probably only slightly better than a line6 spider.
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Well tbh they aren't upto much. But the amps are roughly equal to spiders... If you can get a really good deal on one and you absolutely need one for gigging volumes, I suppose it's a viable option. If you don't need all that volume or don't need it soon then I'd save up and get something higher quality.
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As most of those people said, DON'T GET A BEHRINGER AMP! My friend had one (it was digital, but I don't know what model) and a 4x12 cab of the same brand. Here's a small list of just a few of the problems that I noticed with the amp and cab:
1. It wasn't loud. He had to turn up the amp volume all the way while my other friend turned his Peavey6505 up to only 2-3 for the two amps to have similar volumes. Yes, I am aware that the Peavey is all-tube and that the Behringer is digital, but that does not justify that big of a difference in volume.
2. The knobs fell off. My friend was using this amp for playing a couple of live shows a month, and somewhere between carrying it around and playing it, a couple of the knobs fell off.
3. The input jack was complete s h i t. The nut that holds it in place decided to work itself loose and then go missing.
4. The tone was horrible. Behringer tone is like taking a tone from line6 and puking on it.
5. The cab was made of what felt like driftwood, and the sound doesn't even compare to Marshall/Randall/Line6/independent companies' cabs. Not to mention the speakers were low-quality.

If you're going for a metal tone, I would either look at Mesa or Marshall. If you're looking to save some money, try the Randall V-amp series. It's FANTASTIC for the pricetag. There's nothing wrong with anything Vox makes either.

Hope that helped.

-Steve Beer
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