Hey guys, I have a smart question. Since I am low on buget, well, I was wondering how it would sound to play both guitar and bass on bass amp? In that case I could stick to bass amp, with no need for a proper guitar amp, two birds with one stone. Can that function?
i used to do that before i got a guitar amp, it seemed to work ok but the tone will suck for guitar
My guitarist used to do that, before the fool realised he was using a bass amp. It sounded OK, and he pumped the volume frequently and it never hurt the amp, as after that I used it for ages for my bass.
You can do it, it has alot more bass(obviously) but thats what ive been doing for about 6 months now. Just get a really good distortion pedal, and by that I mean GOOD, not just a nuts amount of distortion.
When my guitarist's amp wasn't working he was playing out of an old OLD Sunn 4x10 combo that he just hooked up a ****ty dunlop distortion pedal to. I don't think it sounded half bad. Kinda sounded like Larry La Londe. But yeah, it will work. I just don't know if you're going to like the sounds that come out of it.
It should sound alright, but that's a subjective thing.

Either way, you'll need a bass amp, as you shouldn't play a bass through a guitar amp. Therefore, the logical thing to do is to get the bass amp and try out the guitar through it and see how you like it.
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It depends on the guitar too. My Tele sounds damn good thro my bass amps, with a bit of the bass rolled off to help with note definition. So does my bro-in-laws' Dano, SG Junior (p90), and Hot Rail-ed Tele. Not so good with his Ibz RG, crusty old Aria superstrat or PRS SE. Someone mentioned the Fender Bassman; hell yeah! That big lump did as much to advance rock'n'roll as any amp.
I could be wrong, but I reckon it's got something to do with bass amps having not only all that extra bottom end, but plenty of headroom too, to cope with the random harmonic content of most bass guitar string vibrations. Anyhoo, it's got a definite HELL YEAH! factor...
it's a good idea to get a guitar equalizer pedal and then you can always use your bass amp for your guitars. you'd probably turn the bass on the amp to the lowest it goes and then turn the mids down a bit and leave the treble at the flat position and then mess with the guitar pedal for the rest of your tone.
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