So lately i have noticed that ive been in a cramp playing and writing. A couple months ago i learned 3 pentatonic positions and have been starting soloing over things. It was all going good but lately i realized i am stuck in the same licks. I keep playing the same say 10 things over and over, solowise. Other than pentatonic scales i really am not in to theory and am kind of against it. I know ill get whined at but i just think people take it too far. So basically what im asking is how i can get faster, better licks?

For the type of soloing i want to work on... I like the solo style of zakk wylde because hes keeps a lot of feel in his solos. But the thing i hate most is shred, i can't stand it because it is all just speed and super boring.
Try some more exotic scales, like the Spanish Gypsy scale, or the harmonic minor.

Also, listen to more bands. You like Zakk? Listen to Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman. All of them are very different from Zakk, but still intense.
If you're really into Zakk, check out some Al Dimeola. Not because their styles are simliar, but because Zakk states him as a constant influence. Honestly, the best advice given was Danno's - do some far out stuff. I actually tuned my guitar like a japanese Koto with some interesting results.

But if you want my advice, the best place to start is trying to sound like you. We've already got a Zakk Wylde, we don't need two, you know? If you can solo like YOU, then you've got something that is valuable to any band and cannot be duplicated.
Well actually i was kind of hesistant to say that, ive only seen select youtube videos of him but i like his playing style. I dont listen to the bands he is in though, i just said him because i thought that you guys would be able to help because you know him alot more than other bands. So let me revise it, i would like to solo like Ryan Phillips from Story of the Year, like in this video http://youtube.com/watch?v=ARIH26EHhaU , the solo in the end.