Anyone play guitar in their school jazz band? I was thinking of trying out, but idk...
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I've been thinking about it, only I wouldn't be able to play bass, because I can't read sheet mucic. I might joion on alto sax though.
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I play bass in jazz band. It's a good time. The basslines are interesting. Playing bass also helps my finger strength and dexterity.
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I play guitar in mine. It's really different than what I normally play(metal). I've learned alot from it,
im a drummer in jazz band, its not the most stimulating, but its good times though, you should try it out
I played bass for the jazz band at my old school. I loved it, and got away without having to read music. Never really liked jazz before, in fact I thought it was terrible, but playing in that band really broadened my musical horizons.
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I switch between guitar and bass for my school jazz band. Learning jazz theory and learning to read both clefs are great things.
yea i play. this is my first year. i thought it was very different cuz im used to playing metal. but i think if i keep going throughtout my high school year i would improve like crazy
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i played guitar in jazz band back when i was in eighth grade, once i got to highschool a kid older than me (and waaayy better) had the spot, and still has it. i really wish i could do it now though, ive learned a lot more theory and jazz since then

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I started playing this year. My friend played in it for the last 2 years (3 counting now, we switch off for some songs), and I had the feeling "If he could do it, I could do it!"

Oh boy.

It is fun, I love it, wouldn't drop the class for the world, but it scared the crap out of me that first day. I walked in knowing a couple of what I thought was "weird" chords, but he handed me a song and said "Play this." Of course, it had chords I had never seen before. So I'm still learning. It takes a lot of patience and work, but it's worth it.
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yeah actually i was just offered a spot for guitar in our school band 2 day and accepted, we play Jazz, classical etc. My fav genre being blues and jazz i think it will be fun
It's worth it. I've learned alot of jazz theory
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I played guitar in last years jazz band and now Im on bass this year.
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