I recently bought Gerlitz guitar honey to cleanse my fretboard but Im not liking the results of it. It leaves my fretboard with an ugly shine and actullys make my fretboard look more disgusting then before. I was wondering if any one knows of a better cleaner/conditioner or knows a better technique than just spraying and buffing it in and if theres any homemade methods to remove the gunk off my fretboard. Also every once and awhile Ill get dust or dirt under my strings does any one know how to avoid this?
check out ernie ball and GHS products..... something with lemon oil in it.... theyre also pretty cheap, actually...
Lemon oil, man. Only way to go. Cleans really deep and doesn't leave annoying stuff all over your fretboard. Shines it like new, but doesnt make it a mirror sheen. Like Divine above said - not too costly either.
about the dust - unless you live in a vaccuum, you're gonna get dust on the guitar in all places. Just clean it every time you re-string to keep it in good shape. Just how it goes, bro.
dunlop has some nice stuff for thet too, I use it, and I'm really glad about it... I got this whole cleaning set for 35 euros...

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powerchord guitar cleaner...it's not too expensive and they sell it at like every guitar store on the planet...and in my experience it actually works pretty good.
i personally would use an alcohol based cleaner first, with an old toothbrush, to remove the crap that accumulates at the frets. then, after it dries completely, use a lemon, or mineral oil, to treat the wood. when oiling the board, use it liberally, let it soak in a while and retreat it, until it soaks in solid. wipe off the excess oil, then you should be good to go!
and it makes ur bass smell pretty good too, as compared to all the dirt and sweat from playing shows :p
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My friend said I shouldnt let the wood soak in any liquid because it can damage it he said I should just apply a small amount and then wipe it up so should I do it this way or should I let it soak in lemon oil?
just a little bit on the corner of a cloth and rub it in. ever done the thing with cotton balls and rubbing alcohol for cleaning the balls in old mouses?...i'll explain. take your cloth and cover the top of the bottle then quickly flip it upside down and then right side up. that should do ok. or if you get something that puts it out in drops just put a few drops on the corner of the cloth and use that. Try to get lint free cloths.
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Sorry to hear that you don't like the Gerlitz Guitar Honey. On all the guitars I've used it leaves the fingerboard with a rather satin sheen not a gloss/shine.

What kind of fingerboard are you using it on?
If it's a fender strat/tele type maple neck you'd be better using the Gerlitz Smudge Off.

The Guitar Honey is only designed for use on UNFINISHED wood fingerboards such as rosewood or ebony. I'm quite passionate about this stuff as I have always disliked the after effects of Lemon Oil. In fact I like the Gerlitz stuff so much I import it!!

Ha ha -
- call me biased !

I am the only seller of Gerlitz products in the UK.
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He's got a point there though, you really don't want to be using lemon oil on some fretboards, what's it made of?
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Have a look at Planet Waves polishes they are quite good, they have Lemon Oil and also a fretboard conditioner.
I think lemon oil is only effective when it can actually get into the wood, like in rosewood fingerboards, but some fingerboards are finished so they can't absorb the lemon oil anyway, so whatever you use to clean the rest of your guitar should work on the fingerboard.

If it is unfinished, i've heard that using alcohol products on a fingerboard will dry it out, so maybe just stick with the lemon oil. I use the dunlop brand stuff, and it works fine on my pao ferro fingerboard.
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