Joseph! Good to see you around man...

It's good to see you write about different subject matters. In fact, I quite loved this piece. It's simple and somewhat straightforward, but it did reach me as much as it possibly could.

I'm sorry, I don't even feel much like trying to critique this more in depth. I'm just glad to see you post something up, and this piece did make it for me.
Wow, I just listened to the song, for some reason I didn't realize you had a link there. But yeah, I'm really impressed, sounds very very nice. Do you have MSN? If so, I'd like you to send me the song, if you don't mind... I'd definitely listen to it every now and then. I loved the musical progression and the variety of instruments you had there.

As for pieces of mine, no, I don't have anything up at the moment. , so don't bother . Please let me know when you guys record something else.