Hey guys, I had a go at the second track off my concept album today, but the recording did not go well at all.

To me, the guitars sound very flat and boring, and I couldn't fix them in the mix, either.

Still, it's worth getting some feedback.

Leave me a few comments, and link me back.

You will recieve a detailed and fruitful piece of advice back. What could possibly go wrong?


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Sorry, my edit window is freezing up.

PS.) the song is supposed to have a huge, arena, orchestral wall of sound feel, which is sort of there, in a very blighted and diminished way.
Me likey. Can't really hear the huge, arena, orchestral wall of sound feel though I can just hear a good Johnny Thunders-ish song. Which is always good.
the drums are very good. i like the intro talking. i like guitars. they weren't very strong, but they were really good. i like theme alot. i really thought the vibe was really good. guitars need more highs. soloing had some awkward frases, but were pretty good. vocals were pretty decent. they really fit the music style

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