um, today i read about carpal tunnel syndrome, one of the symptoms are burning sensations at the end of your fingers,

what i didnt find was the effects it can have, and what i can do to revesre it, cause im a guitarist, and its my life, if i cant do this, i dont be able to make a living, its the only thing ive been aiming for all my life, and ive closed all other doors

your help is appreciated
it's not good...my mom had surgery on both wrists, she developed it from typing all day at work back in the 80's before they realized a lot of the risks. Wearing wrist guards during repetitive motions, and sleeping helps prevent it, as does stretching, and warming up before doing things.
im not sure but i dont think carpel tunnel will end your guitar career. maybe a hand brace for a while? surgery? i dont really know at all but you'll still play.

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I dont think there is a way to reverse it, but there probably are ways to prevent/treat it. People with Carpal Tunnel have nerve problems, and their wrists get hurt like Arthritis sort of.
^ yup, best advice, no matter what you think, UG isnt a certified doctor, its got an MA in astrophysics, but nothing medical.
well i dont like practice 24/7, jsut dat, i donno i DO play a lot though and i push myself a lot,

and um, basically i dont have any numbness or anything, just the burning sensation, so um... what shud i do, im taking 5s every 30 minutes or playing, and um, can you tell what kind of tihngs can happen if i dont really take care of it? and um, what are the stretching motions ?