Hi all. For School, I have to do a senior project, and I'm planning on building a guitar. However, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what I should be looking for or where I should be looking. can any of you shed some light on the subject? (I.E. what are the best materials to use, where should I look, etc.)
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for acoustics, try a kit from lmii.com, stewmac.com, or martin. they're not cheap, and you shouldn't underestimate the amount of work it takes. i built an lmii kit for my senior project.
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if u wanna go from scratch, its gonna take lots of money and lots of time to get a good guitar made. Look at some of the already done build threads and see what they do. If u just want a guitar to assemble, get a kit from a website. certain sites have some really good kits.

you could basically put like a strat neck on a jackson rhoads body lol

or a jackson neck with a gibson es355
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if your building it from scratch, use mahogany for the body, and i would advise not making the neck yourself, and instead stealing a screw on neck from a cheapish guitar, just cos its so easy to get them wrong. Also from the cheap guitar u could steal all of the electronics and hardware.