i just bought a xbox 360 last night and while i played halo 2 on my old xbox, i made a new gamertag and have no one to play with.

Post here if you play halo 2 online and we can play some games.
Add me-dazed777
Lol I used to but I dont have my xbox anymore sucks to because I think I was at like 41 or 42 on team slayer.
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FriskyDrisky24 I don't play halo2 that much but im assuming you're gettin halo 3 and ill be playing that a lot. Anyone wanna add me send me a FR.
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I was looking at porn at the computer froze
I used to be sick like a level 39 and then i stopped playing for a while and now i cant get past level 13 i suck now
if u want to add me ill be on halo 3 when it comes out