(story part/dont have to read)
Hey guys, my first post in a while here in the guitar gear and accesories since Ive been ass poor. So far I still have the peavey JSX/cab with my carvin 7-string/various ibanez models. My 6 strings are great on the jsx, though I feel my 7 string guitars can sound better. Ive tweaked it alot and it still sounds a little weak.
(Main idea)
So I decided to look into different heads and I happen to stumble across the Kustom Quad 200. Sounds nice and its cheap. Now Im asking UG for its advice, if you ever tried it/heard it/own it. I want some feedback. Out of all my friends, no one ever played a kustom quad. Nowdays I play alot more Prog Metal/Metal, mainly on my carvin. Should I pass or buy this puppy?

btw my carvin has nailbomb/ceramic WP combo.

Heres a vid of it
That kid uses it in most of his vids, hes a great player.