Sorry if this is a stupid question -

if i want to tune a half step down, with my boss pedal tuner, how do i do that, what setting/mode do i choose?


Well, I don't have one of those Boss tuners, but I will describe my best to what you might want to do. Alright, have your guitar tuned standard (or close) and just loosen the low E a little until the display reads 'Eb' then just do that for the rest of the guitar or tune it to itself if that is your liking.
If that doesn't work tune your guitar to standard and just use the self tune method, but use the 6th fret of the low E to tune it to A and start over as you usually would.
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yea, that makes sense, except i can't my digital display to show Eb? Not sure if i have to put it in a different mode- thats what i am trying to ask - may not be explaining it well

thx again,

don't worry, i have mine permanently in half-step...i think you press the mode button until only the middle LED is showing