on my tokai love rock (les paul copy) the bridge volume pot is loose and it wobbles around but is still useable, any way of sticking it down? thanks
is it the knob that's loose, or is the pot not fastened to the guitar properly?
If it's the first suggestion, then either just screw the little screw on the knob back in (if it has one), or pull the knob off and open upthe shaft more with pliers.
the second: take off the knob, find an appropriate sized wrench/socket and tighten up the nut.

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yeah sorry for not being clear, its the pot thats not actually attached to the guitar, its still stays in the right place but it looks like its going to fall off any second.
in that case my best guess would be to just take off the knob and tighten up the nut.

although I'm not quite sure what you mean by it stays in place but looks like about to fall off... like if it's going to fall off from wiggling side to side, or if it looks like it's hanging too far out, or what.
ok ill try to explain it, if you were to look in the cavity, it would look normal maybe a bit far out, so if you held it upside down and shook it, it wouldnt fall out but its wobbly. ill try to tighten it, thanks for help.

edit: lol it worked, i dont know why it didnt work before, cheers
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