Oh dear God...I have to read the 12th one...i have to know how it ends ...Does it say how they plan on finishing the 12th or if its finished

RIP Jordan
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Yeah you were right about me

i read that he continued to write it till his death. didnt say it was finished though, although i think he told the whole plot to his relatives. i do hope it comes out.

also, get a writer, or group of writers, to finish the thing. it wont be the same, but at least we can see an ending.

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like i was telling my buddy earlier today, i imagine he left behind notes and maybe even a rough draft behind to be ghostwritten. dun worry about it too much, it will get published in all of its glorious 2000+ pages.

rip, and condolences to the fam
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he said book12 was around 1500+ pages. and i do hope the publisher (Tor) forgets whatever policy they have and release it as one book

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he stated many times that he already had the outline and notes for the last book finished, and all that was left was putting it into formal writing. He also stated that the last book will be published.
****!!! ****************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'll never be able to finish the ****ing series!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I haven't cried in a long time..
But I'm close right now.. =[
Our hearts are with Nick Grundy.
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I'm just after hearing this, I can't believe it

The Eye of the World was the first fantasy book I ever read and is still one of my favourite books of all time.

Rest In Peace.
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omg **** off i've just finished 11.

that sucks ass man.

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although this series have been criticized (especially the middle books, and book 10-which i feel was the worst), its still undeniable that its one of the best fantasy series written, and yes, i was looking forward to the last book as well.

along with ASoIaF and Malazan, this series ranks as the top 3 ive read.

as is the saying in his books, another thread has been unraveled

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Shame. A talented writer... I didn't really like him myself but the sheer effort and time that went into the Wheel of Time series is a testament to his passion and talent.

I have heard that he got a team of writers and people to listen as he dictated his ideas and plot intentions as he lay dying on his bed... that's dedication for you.
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I almost cried when my brother told me that he had died, we had been reading his books all through the years.

If you read the "about the author" thing, it says he will "keep on writing till they nail shut his coffin"; how bloody true that was.

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The Wheel of Time series has to be my favourite fantasy series ever.
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Sheesh, keeps writing on his deathbed. ****ing motivated. I'll have to read the Wheel of Time books sometime, I've heard they're great.


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I only ever read the first 2 books. Can't remember if I bought them or borrowed them from the library.

shows true devotation to his work though, he kept writing til he died...

RIP Mr. R Jordan.
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I know this is old news... but I just found out last night.

My brother and dad and I were talking about it... it's weird... I almost feel as if I know him, even though all I ever did was read his books...

It is a mark of an outstanding and wonderful life if when you pass, hundreds of thousands if not millions of people mourn for you.
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dam im so sad...last time i checked he was still alive and i checked today and hes passed. i cant believe i didnt hear bout it sooner. RIP. love the books
RIP to the Robert, who wrote some of the greatest fantasy books. Who convinced most of us that it wasn't a fantasy at all. The realism he put into his work is amazing, it illustrates the down to earth person he was. Know that his heart will live on through our imaginations.

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