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ok, im not trying to start any arguments or any thing like that. but does anyone else think cliff burton is a little overrated? I was watchin a bunch of his live solos and stuff and every solo just sounds like he put way to much distortion and just sounds kinda bad and way to much distortion. Dont get me wrong he was an awesome bassist i just think he was a little overrated.

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not over rated at all

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Quote by Sabu
I think he's overrated probably because he's dead, but he is pretty good.

Fine then. Jimi Hendrix is over-rated. How do you guitarists like that one?
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Steve Harris > Cliff Burton.
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he sorta went the same way as dimebag. they were good. then they died, now boatloads of kids who don't know any better praise them as the be all end all guitar, or in this case, bass legend.
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Quote by Metalcredge
Fine then. Jimi Hendrix is over-rated. How do you guitarists like that one?

i completely agree...

and yea, i never liked Burton

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Ya know what sucks nuts? The fact that we'll never know. I think Cliff Burton is way better than anything we'd ever seen....he didn't get to live long enough for us to see his true potential, but what we did see was good enough for me. Best? Maybe...maybe not. Great bassist none the less? Damn skippy.

Oh....and Hendrix is over-rated.
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cliff = not best ever, but damn good. maybe best in the metal world, but not overall.
metallica + cliff = good.
metallica - cliff = suck.
jaco or wooten > cliff.
hendrix > you.

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Quote by olif8
He was in Metallica, so he sucks.

Man is that gonna get me banned.

Trying too hard to start a fight / get banned

Shame on you

But Cliff Burton, yeah he probably was overrated, but still, he was pretty fecking awesome.

And also, the fact is that since he did, Metallica have got progressively worse, so go figure

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I thought this was going to be about the snowboarding company... Burton.
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Im Not Saying He Was Bad Or Anything

your sig is full of memes

anywho,Burton was good,but not the best,he has some fantasic work but many bassit have works 100 times better
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cliff burton was the best evar
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your sig is full of memes

anywho,Burton was good,but not the best,he has some fantasic work but many bassit have works 100 times better

remind me what a meme is?
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He was in Metallica, so he sucks.

Man is that gonna get me banned.

hahahaha atleast he wasnt alive to see st anger
Cliff Burton was a great bassist. I like his live solos, they're impressive. Besides, if you consider that he composed several songs on Justice, along with Orion, I think you'll agree that he is a great musician.
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Horrible tone, his bass solos sounded like he was trying to be a lead guitarist, practically disappeared in the mix on the albums because of his "I'm a guitarist!" tone preferences.

Burton was talented, but man, is he overrated.
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cliff burton woz not over rated even a lil bit. if u need even a lil bit of proff listen to orion off the "master of puppets" album that woz orginaly composed as a bass part by him and all other parts where added later...HE WOZ AMAZING.!!!
I don't really think he's overrated. He's definately not the best bass player ever, especially not in metal, but he was still good.

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Guy was top quality. Not just because he's dead, gawd I wish he wasn't dead! Time for some spells...pass me the sage and a candle or twenty. And a virgin or two. Where's me chalice? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've gone all wicca...

Point is; what could he have gone on to do? More time to develop that talent. And I would never have suffered the horror of Newkid trying to be him. (SECC, Glasgow, Nov 1991. Newkid launches into Cliff-esque solo seemingly unaware of the fact that his wah was f**ked. Nasty graunching noises ensued. I went to the bar. Then the bog. Came back. He was still at it...nooooooooooooooo)
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