Well, I have a couple of questions, here they are:

1. I know most of the differences between an American Strat and a Deluxe American, i don't really care for the pickups or S-1 Switching System on the Deluxe, but what I need to know is, does the American Strat's tremolo make the strings go out of tune insanely? I will not be using the tremolo bar ferociously, so do i need the locking tuners from the Deluxe?

2. Also about the Strats, are the woods/ electronics used both the same degree of quality?

3. I will be playing this guitar with a band, is a Fender Blues Jr. loud enough? What about for small gigs?

4. I plan on using zzounds to order (I don't have a local guitar shop), are they good at their job? Anyone have any bad experiences with them?

1: tremolos aren't bad. u wouldn't need to worry about the tremolo unless u are doing dive bombs. if u are, don't.
2: yes pretty much. Deluxe is mostly the cosmetics that's been upgraded.
3: Yes. Blues Jr. is a surprisingly loud amp. it will probably do medium sized gigs too.
4: never used zzounds, but i like using musiciansfriend if u want a suggestion. lots of their stuff are on backorder though.
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Thanks man(Nice username), and no, I won't be doing divebombs so yeah! Time to order a Strat!