if anyone has any recordings they have made using the audio buddy, im getting one, just cause i need something to get ideas down, im getting a much better setup sometime after christmas. But ive heard these audio buddy suck, so I just sort of want to see what they sound like.
consider a Toneport as they are probably better...

What are you planning as for your setup anyways?
what do you want to record
what is you your budget?

I suggest the Toneport UX1 if you are looking to record vocals and guitar.
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I own 2 audio buddys.... and they do suck, well kinda. For the price though, they are not bad...

don't expect amazing quality preamp sounds out of them cause,

well its like this... don't expect a Pinto to ride like a Ferarri... it just wont, sure it'll get you there, but with less style and a lot slower.

They are cheap units to have for adding extra imputs w/ phantom power and they also double as a direct box.. not bad cheap little units... not bad but not great.

HOWEVER, I don't think this is a product you want to get for recording yourself, since, it does no recording at all, and is not an interface in any way to a computer for recording.

For the same price as the audio buddys, you'll be looking at buying maybe an analog 4 track cassett recorder of some kind... that or for the same price may be the line 6 toneport GX USB, but you will also need a computer.
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