how can i change these inlays to look just plain silver or gold


do i just paint them,

i dont really want replace them.

as wouldnt that cost a bit?

you could paint them, but i wouldnt advise it
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painting would look tacky.. and replacing them? nah not worth it on a westfield
i wouldnt change em. thats a nice guitar, and the Abalone inlays make it nicer. wrong forum btw.
hmmm you could put some tape carefully on the fret (not inlays) and carefully paint them, but again i wudnt advice it, gold if you r going to
Okay Thanks.

i was just wondering.
as i dont really like the look of them.
and i cant afford a epiphone or gibson.
so im stuck with this.
if you paint them, the strings will rub the paint everytime you play a note
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