ok so I just bought a new cable because my old one stopped working and no sound was going through the amp. I bought monster cable and it makes sound but I get a really loud buzz if the cable moves or something and it happened with my old cable too. Anyone know what this is? It's not the battery running out because my bass doesn't have active pickups.
cud be the jack input on either your guitar or amp, check they arent loose or (on your guitar) solder isnt loose
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hey i have a question about amps. i have a fender bassman 100 and a peavey 112 basic. i want to use the add the speaker of the fender to the peavey because i like peavey way more. and i also want to play louder is there a way i could do that. do i need special cables? a half stack is just too expensive and i dont have $$
OK so I had extra practice after school and I plugged in the amp and it didn't make a loud buzz, but today the school band was playing at a pep rally and I plugged it in to the bass amp and it buzzed really loud and the band director told me to switch the tips around and that didn't work and then she told me to plug it in to the guitar amp and it still buzzed so then she unplugged it and said "you can just pretend to play" and she plugged hers in... so does anyone know what's wrong?
^ Lol what a bitch! Is another new cable a possibility? Maybe a planet waves?
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yes, I was using my new cable. it is a monster cable. it's better than my old one cuz my old one didn't work at all....