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lol at the fattie having a seizure in the chair
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you bastard i was gonna post that one
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Cheers to you triple x maniac

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Wait, your dick is in a chick's ass, and you're complaining.

Its a sad, sad day.
Well...thas mad me feel better about playing the guitar now, im no im better than someone xD lol.
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I wish I could find this guy playing the main riff to Beast and the Harlot...oh, it was awesome. Not quite as awesome as OP's, but still awesome...I'm looking for it.

EDIT: http://youtube.com/watch?v=uODqw_AZ-UE That's as good as I feel like looking for.
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Well, it doesnt make me feel any better.. Seeing as most of these videos even have more views than my "serious" cover vids

Any1 wanna help me out with that?
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