Of course, I'm a guitar dude, metal reigns supreme, but I also like happy stuff, like techno, haha. Anyways, the point is that I want to take a sample, like a part of a song, and cut out the music behind it, so that I only have the vocals. If the music is in the sample, then it will clash with the beat that I made for the techno song. So is there any software, or any kind of way at all that I can cut out the music and just keep the vocals?
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no, it's really annoying aswell, you need the multitrack from the artist
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^ wut he said

I seen a DJ do it once in a pub he had cut out the backing music from Heart shaped Box, there must be some way of doing it,
There is no way to extract a single track from a mix, as it's already been mixed, and it would be damn near impossible to break it apart after mixing.

You would need to get a hold of the Master recording, before mixing, but thats not the kind of thing you find lying around the internet.

However, it is possibe to filter out the EQ you dont want to a degree, to get rid of certain ranges(like taking out the bass)but that's a very crude way to approach it and it won't sound very good.
Yes, thats a sample, hell take a riff with no vocals, loop it then use that as a bas by building on top of it, but there is no way to, for example, get the main riff, then take out the guitar and bass so your only left with the drums, which is basically what Mr. Deathrow wants to do, only with vocals.