Recently I've been seeing images in my mind, and some of then are absolutely gorgeous. So now I want to learn how to draw or paint. I have a few Questions for the artists on how to start out.

1. What are some good books or websites on learning to draw?

2. Are there different genres like in Music?

3. How much training will it take to clearly draw the images from my mind?

4. Can the Computer or technology, help me create images, or make my drawings better?

5. If you can draw does painting also come easily, or do you have to learn them separately?

Thanks to everybody who helps!
websites i like ot use to draw from is simply deviantart.com some good tutorials on there. but also a hell of alot of images to draw from for inspiration etc. so check it out find an image ya like start sketchin / drawing / painting it.
oh an in answer to question 3. that entirely depends. like everything, practise practise practise. Draw everything, all the time. take photos, or make projects for urself such as finding an image and keep drawing it untill you improve and improve. Be harsh on urself.

Could take next to no time, but then you may never get there, people vary. but in the end of the day, practise makes perfect.

1. Google helps a lot. Just search for tutorials.

2. Yes. There's all the art-painty things that I don't like. I just sketch and paint my own stuff.

3. I've been doing it since I was 7. I'm 17 and I think I'm pretty good. Easily the best in my art class.

4. No. It looks fake and horrible. Unless you know what you're doing.

5. If you can draw objects with form, like in 3-D, it can help with painting because you can imagine the shape you are painting as a 3-D object. Other than that, painting is quite a different set of skills. Work on both at the same time.

But unless you have some inherent ability, it's nigh on impossible to learn.
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Thanks that's what needed to know. I understand it's not going to come in one day. It's just like learning guitar. I better get practicing!
Unfortunately a big factor in drawing is natural talent and starting early... and **** loads of practice. That's not to say it can't be done, but don't expect to suddenly be able to draw overnight.
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Take an art class, but with a good teacher otherwise it will suck. learn to draw basic shapes.
There is alot of visualization involved in art so having a good eye is key to everything.