I find my Ibanez Edge will still stay in tune better.
Cool, but oh so useless. If you can't tune your guitar, you shouldn't own one.
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It was in the news on the UG homepage for a bit, so I've already seen it. It seems like a good idea, but I still think I'd rather tune myself...
and to those who say "if you can't tune a guitar, you shouldn't play one", or similar comments, I agree on the point that you need to know how to tune a guitar, but disagreethat the entire system isn't a good thing, because it would probably be very helpful in live situations when you have to change tunings often, as long as you don't rely fully on it and have the ability to re-tune yourself, it would help in that respect.
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Yes, it would be convenient, if it works perfectly that is. A lot of people say that no one will know how to tune their guitar in the future because of it, but I think it would be one of those features you wouldn't find on beginner guitars. That's how it should be anyways.

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I've always thought, if I could have any kind of custom guitar made up for me with any features I wanted, it'd be an LP with some kind of system built in which would allow me to instantly change from standard E tuning to Eb to drop-D to open G. I use all four tunings a lot, and it's rare I'll play two things in a row which use the same tuning - obviously, retuning all the time is a big pain, and I've always hated people on stage having to stop and change guitar completely (i.e. for a different tuning already set up before the show) just for one song.

Clearly, I'm having one of these new systems fitted to all my guitars ASAP
Looks frikken sweet, im gonna bet one of them systems on my SG eventually, when are they gonna actually release it? all of them are on pre-order at Musicians Friend