I was just wondering what are some songs that sound good on fretless.

I already know Alive by Pearl Jam and Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin (I know it wasn't played on a fretless, but it sounds good.)
Pretty much anything, but specific stuff would be like Jaco P., or maybe some Sting.

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do it.
a lot of primus is on fretless, give that a listen

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Jaco P would work if u can do it. Weather report stuff is easier. Anything with some slides in it.
Oceans and Black use some awesome fretless bass, as does Zeppelin's In My Time of Dying. Continuum is a great and somewhat simple song that takes advantage of that fretless sound.
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Take metal's advice. Death - The Philosopher. In fact, any Death bass lines sound good on fretless. Also try Crystal Mountain by them. And Spirit Crusher, Bite the Pain, and Lack of Comprehension. *I love Death*
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^Steve DiGiorgio is the be all & end all of heavy / Metal Fret-less Bass work, so if you into that go for anything he's been involved with (e.g Individual Thought Patterns album - Death, Human album - Death).
It's not real challanging, but I think a really fun fretless song is "Brian Wilson" by the barenaked ladies, it's even got a little fretless/upright solo depending on the version you listen to... plus it's just an awesome song.