First off, I know the title's been used.

Second off, I just jotted this down in school, it's nothing special to me, so be as mean or nice as you like. It's the first time any lyrics ever really came to me for a riff I had, so I figured they were worth writing down.


No one ever told me I should rise or fight against
all the things you said to me that never made much sense
the day I heard the music was the day I realized
that maybe I was just a little institutionalized

I listened to your preachers, teachers, memorized your books
I sat back and accepted, never took a second look
You brainwashed me with bull**** while you fed me on your lies
It seems like I was a bit institutionalized

But now I've got all that I need to make my final stand
I'll crack your damn illusion of your brotherhood of man
I've got this song inside me now, you see it in my eyes?
I'll break your chains, no longer am I institutionalized.


Thanks for reading!
I really enjoyed the song, it had a good theme. I liked the "Music helped hiim break free" feel it had to it. I liked the flow, and it seems really god for something jotted down in school. had a good overall feel, but a little more length weould be nice. C4C? This Too Will Pass in sig
I'm thinking it could use a little length as well, i need to write a little more on it. But thanks for the crit.
sounds alot like the bad
religion song
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